Salutations, I am your humble Tone!! Ever since I lent out my soul to gain my art powers, I now lurk in the darkness, drawing little guys forevermore!Contact me through Twitter, Instagram, or my email at [email protected]!


Terms of Service
• Prices are in USD. Full or partial payment required up front through preferred payment service.
• Prices listed are base values. They may fluctuate depending on what you are looking for!
• Upon completion, you will receive a high quality .PNG file through your email or preferred form of file sharing.
• Finished pieces can typically have an ETA of a few days to 3+ weeks depending on art complexity and what's going on with my life. I work a lot of conventions throughout the year.
• Note: I work infinitely better under deadlines!!! If you need things done by a certain date, it WILL be met! Regardless, I WILL have pieces done!
• Process images will be sent (sketch, flats, final) unless it is a sketch commission.
• Additional fees may be charged if I'm asked to change your piece by a large scale after the sketch phase. (i.e. Changing the entire pose or adding another character)
• I have the right to turn down any commission for any reason.
• If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me about them!

My base commission rates are listed here! Examples of past commissions are located in the commission gallery section.

All my Drawtober Pokemon art!